Why You need to Get a Termite Inspection in Your Office

If your desk tables or cabinet surface seem to have residue on them even after the cleaning staff has cleaned it, it could be cause for concern. While common pests like rodents and insects can also leave leftover particles on surfaces, termites leave more noticeable evidence behind. Should you find powders or marks and leftover particles of food on the desk surface even if you haven’t eaten at your desk, you should raise the alarm. Ants can also cause this problem often enough.

There is a weird Smell

If you have a rodent or cockroach problem, there are chances that there will be a weird smell around the office. This will be noticeable in closed areas like cupboards of the restrooms. Regular cleaning may mask the smell momentarily but it won’t arrest the problem at hand. If the smell seems to linger, try to get a pest inspection carried out for safe keeping.

The Pantry Has Ants

If you have always been careful about storing the common pantry items like sugar and coffee powder but you still notice ants, it could be sign of a bigger problem. Try to get a pest inspection done so that you can target the problem and find a solution in the early stages itself.

By buying treated wood or pest resistant wood in the beginning itself, you are lowering the chances of an infiltration. This will serve a long term benefit and will help you avoid going through the effort of a renovation again.

Always consider termite inspection when you need an inspection in your office.