Going Water Skiing with your Kids for the First Time

Before teaching your kids any adventurous sport, it is more important to teach them the safety aspects associated with it. For any water sport, drowning is one of the prime risks which children must be aware of from an early age. So before going on your water skiing expedition, always purchase wetsuits and life jackets of correct size. Even if your kid had a swimming lesson or is an expert swimmer, she still must wear a life jacket compulsorily. The jacket must fit the child snugly without restricting movements.

Along with life jacket and wetsuit, you will also need a two-handle rope system which is a specialized tow rope that allows adults to control the line to the skier from the boat itself. Training skis are also essential when teaching your kids to water ski for the first time. Such skis are more like children’s bicycles with training wheels and have a removable stabilizer bar that helps the child gain in confidence and control as she learns picks up the sport gradually. Training skis are usually about four feet in length and appropriate for children weighing below hundred pounds.

Begin on Dry Land

Before just plunging any child into the water, it is better if you teach him the basics on land. Buy a pair of small combo kids and a sturdy ski rope and drag them for a while to give them a feel of the thing. Explain to them all about balance, about holding on and about falling and getting up repeatedly. The child should know what to expect before he takes to the water as any wrong movement can become fatal in water.

Water skiing is indeed a wonderful sport. Teach your kids at a young age. Have the correct accessories for them.