Termite Barriers need to have

Prevention is said to be better than cure. Taking the necessary precautions to ensure that we don’t fall victims to certain situations or ailments is always advised. In relation to this particular article, most people tend to underestimate the danger associated with the presence of termites in their environment. This later unfolds to be folly on their part as termites do not respect building materials especially those made of wood and negligence on the part of the building owner would see to the collapse of it.

During the building process, it is advised that termite barriers be put in place. In Australia, there are regulations and standards put in place for the usage of termite barriers. Sometimes these barriers fail as a result of wear and tear or the termites eventually breaching them. Irrespective of the standards and regulations, the process of chemical barrier use is not completed by pest control operatives. The process is meant to start Witt the application of insecticides to the perimeter around the building before the construction commences, when it is almost completed and after completion. Most construction workers and owners of the building are negligent in calling the pest control operatives during these stages and only apply the termite barrier at the beginning.

The stages of construction vary and that is why for each stage, precautions have to be taken. For a building that includes paving, once the concrete has been laid and it is been smoothened or even when a landscaper is brought in to design the outlay of the yard, these areas have to be treated as the edges of the slab as well as exposed soil can serve as tunnels for the termites. Exposure of concrete slabs is encouraged so as to view any tunnel of the termites. Most building owners consider this unsightly and if the slabs are covered, it is advised they be treated.

Gardens and flower beds should also be treated with chemicals that will not harm the soil or have adverse effects to the plants. When mulching is done, constant treatment and application of chemicals that prevent termites should be applied. Apart from soil, slabs and woods, termites have found other ways to gain access to buildings. This could be through pergolas, pool pump screens, side gates, kennels, cubby houses, granny flats – all have given termites pathways into the main building.

Physical barriers put in place like glass, metal shields and concrete slabs do a good job of prevention just like the chemical ones but termites can also live underground below soil level or in trees and they will keep trying to get to all the timber inside the structure if they can.