The Debate About Uniforms Is Endless And Will Continue Unabated

There are plenty of efforts being made by a number of people to get uniforms abolished in schools and also in other places. These people perhaps do not understand the importance of having uniforms, especially for certain professions, which are essential for the security of the country. They are probably concentrating on the uniforms their children are required to wear to school. They would not be wrong in expressing their concerns because children in school are growing up constantly. People are required to invest sums of money every year in order to purchase a fresh set of clothes for their wards. This could probably be the reason why they are complaining about uniforms and have even succeeded in getting some schools to abolish this practice. Unfortunately, people have also been encouraged by the success they received and have therefore begun a debate to have uniforms abolished altogether.

Can a country like Australia or the United States afford to have that armed and police forces without uniforms? Will a number of companies that presently require employees to wear uniforms, abolish the rule? It is certain that no changes will be seen in the categories spoken about within this discussion and parents of children will continue to debate their point without understanding the distinction between uniforms for children and clothing for adults is a diverse matter altogether. They will not apply their minds to understand whether it would be advisable for the police forces to be dressed as they please and apply a similar theory to the Armed Forces as well. They just continue the argument without understanding the reasoning behind the practice of having uniforms within some professions.

At this stage, these people must be questioned whether they would like to see doctors and surgeons dressed in black rather than white, which is presently being used? It is certain that they would not want to see any difference in the colors being used by people from this profession. This is a clear indicator that people are just looking forward to debating on the matter of uniforms without really trying to understand whether the rule should be applied simply to children or should be made a universally accepted practice.

The present conditions are such that the debate for, and against uniforms will continue unabated, as people will cite their freedom of expression is being curtailed if they are not allowed to debate about this issue. It is beyond the understanding of many as to why a section of the population in different countries has decided to get uniforms abolished while nations, employers and schools seem to be perfectly comfortable with the idea of having uniforms. Therefore, it can be confirmed again that the debate is endless with a possibility of never reaching a conclusion soon.

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