The Different Types of Plastic Fabrication Methods

Plastic fabrication makes it possible for plastic materials to be shaped and molded into different forms. Everywhere you go you can see things made of plastic of different shapes and sizes. It is a very useful industry because without it we will not be enjoying the luxury of having plastic products.

There are different types of plastic fabrication methods because plastic also comes in different types and not one method can handle all types successfully. There are also plastic fabrication methods that are able to strengthen plastics.
Compounding or Blending is the process of combining two or more types of plastic materials by melting, molding, and cooling them into different shapes. Compounding makes new plastics that are better and more durable than the raw materials.

Plastic extrusion is used to make pipes, tubes, and plastic sheets of complex shapes and large sizes. In this method, plastic is melted and then cut into pellets then forced through a die. This plastic fabrication method is preferred by many because it produces plastics that are very sturdy and have uniform density. They are able to endure stress better than other plastics because they have no seams.

Welding is not only used in metal fabrication but is also used in plastic fabrication. It is most commonly used in thermoplastics because they can’t be bonded using adhesives. There are many plastic welding techniques used such as hot gas welding, speed tip welding, hot plate welding, and ultrasonic welding.

Plastic lamination is a plastic fabrication method that provides a protective layer on the plastic products. Laminated plastics are aesthetically pleasing, durable, and require minimum maintenance.

Plastic foaming creates lightweight plastic products that are good insulators that are used as building finishes. This plastic fabrication method uses polyurethane and polystyrene to create a foam and froth used in creating plastic of different shapes and sizes.

Vacuum forming plastic fabrication method is done by heating plastic then stretching it into a mold. A vacuum is used to hold it in place. This plastic fabrication method is used in making plexiglass and medical trays.
Sometimes plastic is made using two different plastic fabrication method. Sometimes materials are needed to be molded first before undergoing the lamination process. It is therefore necessary to determine what type of product you need before you can choose the plastic fabrication method. Try the Plastic fabrication service in Sunshine Coast now!