The most common types of Video produced.

Video content is available on most websites today. There are thousands of video production tools available online that allow user to produce video without the use of a camera, though this is not to say that all videos on the internet are produced in this way. An example of a video production tool that most people are familiar with is the YouTube video editor. This allows users to create new videos using content that is already available. This video content can be in the form of a parody, a web presenter video, an interview, a product demonstration, thank you and “I’m sorry” videos as well as testimonials among others. These videos are mostly made in a home environment and are created for purposes of interaction. And they fall into two categories; transactional videos which are created to sell something and reference videos which are meant to educate or inform.

The most common types of Video production are corporate videos, event videos, explainer videos, marketing videos and training videos. Corporate videos can be created for a variety of purposes such as education, training or communication. The most popular type of corporate video is called a “candid”. This type of shoot usually takes place over several days and includes awards ceremonies, speeches and even recreational activities. The film is then edited and presented to the audience. Most companies take advantage of conventions and similar events to shoot such videos while also gathering interviews

Video production is also used at events, both in the international arena as well as locally at schools or churches or even small gatherings. An event video can be based on a wedding, marathon, a junior football match and various other events. These videos can either be custom distributed to select family and friends as in the case of weddings or can be distributed by the hundreds as in school dance recitals or football games. They can also be broadcast worldwide using satellite trucks or at a television studio as is the case with marathons and other high profile sporting events.

Video production can also serve as an important tool in the education of the masses. Explainer videos are usually animated short videos that serve to explain a technical subject. Explainer videos provide a simple way for users to understand what they are learning by using basic images. Television advertisements are categorized as marketing video production. These types of videos are created to sell a product or service. They also help to create awareness about the specific company to the consumers. Video production is a broad field that covers various categories and can be very useful in getting your message out to the masses.

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