The Process of Web Design and Development

The main goal of companies which offers web design and development services is to make your business grow and increase its marketability through the creation a website. Depending on the company, the process may differ but the general process in web design and development is as follows:

The gathering of information

The web designers will be asking you questions about your company. Question such as the purpose of the website, the goals you expect to accomplish after the website has been created for your business, the target market ( sex, age group and social class of the people you want to sell your products and services), and the content or the information that you want to relay to your target market.

Planning of the website

The next process in web design and development is the planning stage. After gathering all the information, it is now time to create a site map which serves as the guide as to what information, graphics, and other stuffs that should be included on the website. You will think of the target market while making plans for the website. After all, the web design and development process is done for them.

The design

This is the stage where the web designers start to create the look of your website. Again, the total look is dependent on the target market as the main purpose of the website is to make the target market get attracted to the website and make a purchase. Most of the time, they will email you the sample of the look of the website and you can edit it according o your liking.

The development

The next process in web design and development is the development of the website after you have approved the look of it. The home page will be created as well as the shell which is the template of your website. The template includes the navigation system. The other elements such as shopping carts, areas for feedbacks are created. The creation of HTML documents, graphic designs are all done at this stage.

Testing and delivery

The next process in web design and development is to test the website if it will function well, if the navigation system is directing the users to the proper site on the website, if it can be viewed on any type of devices, among others. Once the testing is done, it is now time to upload the website to the server through file transfer protocol (FTP).


The last process in web design and development is maintenance of the website. Updates about the profile of the company and new products and services, reviews, blogs are uploaded on the website.

Creating your own company website is important. Especially for companies who offers services in food, demolition, cleaning and others.