Topics To Keep Off On A First Date

If you are in an over 40’s dating sites, you needs a lot of care, less you hurt someone and bring down the relationship. Have you ever mentioned something and suddenly your date’s eye wane? Sometimes you may think that what you just mentioned was just a normal thing, but he/she takes it very seriously. This, if it has ever happened to you, then you should know you are not alone. Many senior lovers undergo such a problem.

For those known in this senior dating game, they should understand some of the things that you should keep off to avoid such a scenario. The following are things to avoid;

Past relationship

Never talk about your marriage or the relationship that you had before. Neither should you ask your partner about their relationship either? It just adds more pain and bad memories. This should be a no-go zone at all cost. Don’t let your date focus on the past and all the pain it had, let them concentrate on your relationship and the future.

Family problems

Any complaint about your children, relatives and other family member’s should not appear when senior dating. Deal with your problems at your own time, whenever you are together, just discuss the challenges that concern the two of you. This should not be the case, particularly if you have just started senior dating, it could wait in the future when the relationship has rooted.

Avoid discussing of third persons

People who have nothing to do with your relationship should not come in your discussion. Instead discuss your future together and all the things that concern you.

Politics and religion

These are divisive topics that you should avoid by all means. People have diverse political and religious views. Going to such a topic in your relationship, especially when it’s still young is highly unnecessary.


Most people are just put off by the aspect of finance, whether positive or negative. For example, if you have asked your partner to a dinner date, you should then avoid complaining about the cost of the meal. It paints a bad picture, it’s just like you are complaining about having taken them out. A senior dating needs to mature fast before such things like finance start dominating the discussion. Such topics should be off limitation, the large guns should not be pulled off in the start.

Take time to know each other without the controversial topics mentioned above. Talk about yourselves and where you are heading to, not where you were. Avoiding such topics will cement your relationship and make it stronger.