Types of Cool Rooms for Business Establishments

Businesses that offer food to their customers on a large scale require cool rooms to keep their food materials fresh and their beverages cold. There are cool rooms though that are also used in other industries. Medical laboratories use cool rooms to keep their supplies at the required temperatures. Plant and flower suppliers also use them to keep their greeneries from wilting too soon. Here are the different types of cool rooms and their special features:

Modular cool rooms

Modular cold rooms are used in businesses with large scale refrigeration needs. They come in different designs to meet the individual requirements of the customers. Some modular cold rooms are built on site to fit the desired size, dimensions and cooling requirements. Modular cold rooms are not only used for food storage but also for storing medical supplies and cut flowers. They can be set to either freeze or chill.

Combi cool rooms

The catering industry and other similar businesses use different food and beverage supplies that require different temperature level. Some business owners choose to have several separate cold rooms while some prefer combi cool rooms. Combi cool rooms have different temperature levels in its areas. Combi cool rooms are preferred by many because it takes up less space than several different cool rooms.

Industrial cool rooms

Industrial cool rooms are very huge because they are made to store large quantities of food items. Fork lift trucks are used in transporting goods in and out of industrial cool rooms as they are very spacious and the items stored are usually in large containers.

If you have cool rooms in your business establishment, you might also need to consider have your floor insulated to help keep the cool room at its optimum temperature level. Insulated floors enhance the energy efficiency of the cool rooms which will reduce your business operating costs. If your business does not require large cool rooms, consider large commercial refrigerators. They are cheaper and take up less space than cool rooms.

Having the right kind of cool room in your business establishment improves the efficiency of your staff. It also helps in reducing waste since all items are stored properly and are easily accessible.

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