Types of Termite Barriers

Each year, billions are used by home owners in repairing damage caused by termites. Repairs are sometimes just as expensive as constructing or even more expensive. Even if you were finally settled that you will not be spending a lot of money in repairs, if not prevented, termites can certainly dig deep into your pockets. For this reason, when it comes to termite control, home owners are very serious. Building or getting a termite barrier for your home is one way of keeping termites away for good. However, the big question is which are the termite barrier methods available? Get the service of termite barrier.

1. Physical barrier

Just as the name suggests, a physical termite barrier is built into your home to keep termites from gaining access. The barriers are built into your home in the areas where termites are most likely to use to get into your house. In most cases, stainless steel mesh is used as a flange to prevent the termite from getting in through pipes and the concrete slab. Stainless steel is the perfect material because the termites can’t chew their way through it. When fitted into the wall cavity home owners are assured that termites will not be causing them trouble. Another way to physically prevent termites from getting into your home is using granulated stone. The logic behind this is that the granules are too heavy for the termites to move and is thus a great termite barrier.

Chemical barriers

If you opt to go with the chemical using option, make sure to ask about its toxicity levels before having a professional use it in your home. In many cases, people go for chemical barriers because manufacturing companies state that the products repel or kill termites. There are two main methods the chemicals can be used in your home. You can either fill the chemical into a reticulation system of hand spray it. The disadvantage is this method is that because of weather barriers, disturbance and environmental conditions, chemicals begin to lose their effectiveness immediately. You therefore have to use them from time to time.

Termite resistant wall frames and roofs

These roofs and wall frames are treated and thus keep termites from getting through. They do not mean that you are completely free from these damage causing pests. They could still attack other areas of the home such as timber doors and sometimes even the electric cables. Regular inspections are generally good no matter which methods you choose to use because termites could find a way around the barriers you have placed.