What Entails the Post Video Production Process?

During video production, bringing someone along to help you with activities such as log shots, wetting up of equipments. You must have considered avoiding using zooms, sweeping pans and visual aspects, and ensured you checked your video’s background to avoid distracting your viewers. Be opening minded as you take your videos and ask for different opinions to get the right shot.

And now that your video production process is over, this is what you need to do during post video production process.

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You know that video shootings are best if done in potions as they can make editing easier. The videos captured have to be logged and transcribed at the end of each shooting, each video at a time so that in case of errors the video can be reshot as soon as possible before the involved become unavailable.

I hope you made some notes on the videos you took, as they make their locating quicker for editing. The editing process, involves combining all the video shots involved ensuring that they are aligned to your storyboard and also error free. This does not mean that you rigid yourself to your planned storyboard, you can integrate new ideas that you came across during production. This is because they reality in the shot provides a clear understanding of your topic.

After editing, you can send the file to other members that you are working with so that they can reviews. With different members, you are assured of different perspectives about your video production, which is good for you. Make sure that the video is clear, with proper color and audio edits to avoid distracting the members you are sending to from main objectives. Ask them for their views and suggestions giving them a timeline for the expected feedback. Of course you need work within your set timeline. So push for feedback as soon as possible.

Then you can make the necessary changes after reviews. Some changes could include reshooting or cutting out some scenes, do that if necessary. It may not be easy to be at per with all the members’ perspective wise; you could go with the majority views. However, ensure that you do not lose your concept. Make further reviews after changes then come up with the last edit.

I guess now your video production is ready for distribution via the different channel that will enable your video to get public views such as you tube and other links.