What Not To Do When Contacting A Locksmith

There are lots of text dealing with how to deal with locksmiths and what to do when you need them. However, there is very little on the mistakes that people make when contacting and hiring locksmiths, and hopefully after this is over, the balance will shift in the right direction, at least a little bit.

Arguably, the worst and most common mistake people commit when dealing with locksmiths is tolerating the lack of cooperation on their part. If locksmiths are refusing to give clear answers to your inquiries, the worst thing you can do is let it slide. There are only two possible explanations why they are refusing to tell you what they are going to do and how do they plan to get the job done. Either they have no clue as to what they are doing, or they intend to rip you off by inflating the bill as much as possible.

Another mistake that often gets overlooked is when you realize the payment they are asking does not match what they said over the telephone. This can happen either before they started working, or worse yet, after the job was done. The main idea is that a customer will hesitate to call the whole thing and agree to this new, higher price. Sometimes they even threaten to call the police or file a lawsuit, but this is usually only a bluff; they know they have no case, but hope you are unaware of this. Do not let them bully you.

Also, in the event you got locked out of your place of residence and need the services of a locksmith to get back in, keep in mind that what is best for you is not always what is best for them. Typically, a locksmith will suggest drilling through the lock, but this is usually completely unnecessary. If you agree to this, not only will the old house lock be rendered useless, but you will need a new one installed in its place. And your locksmith just happens to have the right one.

Make no mistake, drilling is required in some instances, but these are usually advanced locks; a qualified locksmith should have no difficulty picking a simple lock without damaging it. It just takes more effort and they make less money that way. The specialized locks that do require drilling are designed for specialized keys so forcing the way with the drill is the only way – except, if your lock was like that, you would know this already. How would you know? Well, these locks cost several hundred dollars, for one.

So make sure you get all the answers from your locksmith before any work gets done. You need to know his name, company, what he plans to do and what it would cost you – among other things. Do not hire if these answers are omitted.

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