What Type of Fabric Cleaning Products Should You Used for Your Upholstery?

The use of fabric cleaning products occasionally is necessary to maintain the upholstery in good condition. Leather items typically should be dry cleaned or polished with special products to maintain the looks. It is also important for you to know they know the type of solution you will use depends on the fabric of the upholstery.

Fabric cleaning products are labeled according to : W – water based solution, S – solvent based solution, WS – a combination of both, X – none of these can be used. However, for other fabrics, there are various products, agents, detergents and pre-conditioners for cleaning the carpet and upholstery. Here are a few of them.

Peroxygen bleach (additive)

These are powdered additives, which don’t contain chlorine. These can be used to treat yellowed fabrics or fabrics which have become dull over a period of time. They are very effective against tannin stains or proteins – and can also treat various types of discolorations in the fabric.

However, as these are additives, or boosters, they can significantly change the pH of the pre-conditioner. So, before applying it on the fabric, try it on a hidden surface of the fabric to check for colourfastness and other possible negative effects.

Solvent additives

Solvent additives can increase the oil cutting quality of your pre-conditioner drastically, without really affecting the pH. However, these have the ability to penetrate the surface of your upholstery, and reach unstable areas too. They also increase the time required to dry the part that’s cleaned. Visit the best furniture upholsterer in North Brisbane.

Acid rinse agents

These are special agents which can be added to the detergent, to prevent color fading. However, if these agents don’t react well with the fabric, you can use non-acid rinse agents. Acid rinse agents make velvets and chenille fabrics dry softer. They also prevent browning of the fabric due to extensive use of acids and detergents.

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