What You Should Do When You Have Problems With Plumbers

You can contact the Plumber Licensing Board on their direct number which is 1300 249 223 and talk to them about your problem. You can inform them you have tried negotiating with the plumber and failed. You will need to provide the details of the task assigned to the plumber or tradesman, the license number of the plumber, the reason of your dissatisfaction. The Board representative will advise you on how to proceed further.

Obtaining a complaint form

The Plumbers licensing Board will listen to the issue patiently and will tell you about the various courses of action that you can take. If you are willing to let the board try and negotiate a solution on your behalf then you, the tradesman or plumbers and a licensing board representative will have to sit down and discuss the issue. In case nothing works out by this avenue then you will have to fill up a written complaint against the plumber. For this you will have to download the complaint form and fill it up with details of the issue.

Now that you know what you can do when a plumber doesn’t do his work properly you can make sure that you are never short charged.

Kitchen Drains

Clogging in the kitchen is due to our carelessness – when we don’t care about the things going into the sink. Some of us apply more water pressure to get rid of food items and other stuff remaining, not realizing we’re inviting problems. If you try to do it yourself, will first take you time figuring out the structure of the sink, what needs to open, where does a pipe run and where exactly you need to work to remove the clog.

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