Why Opt for Window Tinting?

Top quality window films that absorb and reflect sunlight, keep the interiors of your home comfortable and cool even during the height of summer. This means your air conditioner works less and you save more on electricity bills. Your residence looks trendy and stylish and you can expect to recover more than your investment if you decide to sell the property in the future. Moreover, good quality window films are capable of blocking almost 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, making your home absolutely safe. Tinting also reduces glare so that you can watch TV or work on your computer without hurting your eyes.

Now, when you have decided to tint your windows, consider the following:

Tint Percentage

If you have ever noticed vehicles used by movie stars you will see that most of them have dark, opaque windows. Well, these vehicle windows have more than 95% tinting to keep them safe from the prying eyes of fans and overenthusiastic paparazzi. The percentage of tint will determine how much light is actually allowed to enter inside your home. Too less tinting will make your home vulnerable to glare and harmful rays like ultra violet and infra red. Too much tinting will make your home dark as most of the natural light will be blocked out. You will also miss out on the lovely view outside and your home will end up looking forbidding and unwelcoming to your friends. Choose the golden mean and opt for a moderately tinted film.

High performance or standard films

High performing films are shinier which means that they have more reflective properties. This means that you can achieve high privacy with low tinting. However, high performance films come at a 40% more premium cost so if you have the budget by all means go ahead and buy them. A more reflective tinted window is a better performing window as there is a lot of daytime privacy. For more privacy at night you can just install curtains or blinds instead.

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