Window Cleaning – Experience and Expertise Entwined

Window cleaning in simple terms refers to the cleaning of window panes. They can be classified into three categories: residential, commercial and architectural panes. The window cleaner will be employed for one of these based on his experience. There are a different purpose for cleaning the windows. Residential window cleaning is mostly for cleanliness and preventing blocked vision. Commercial cleaning is more focused on creating impression on clients and customer. Architectural cleaning is to provide a clear and transparent vision for festivities, lighting and decoration.



This can be done either manually or with special equipment. Residential cleaning is a manual activity and the dwellers clean the interior and outer window panes by themselves. However, for the commercial and architectural purpose, specially trained window cleaners are required. It requires both experience and expertise in using technologically advanced tools. There are cases where some form of automation is also used. The common manual method is known as chamois and scrim. In this method, the chamois is involved to remove the dirt from glass panes. The surface is then wiped with the help of a cheesecloth, otherwise known as the scrim. Currently, this is the only known traditional method followed in-house. This method is effective if the window panes are smaller and lesser in number.

The modern methods employed for window cleaning of commercial buildings and architectural monuments include: water and squeegee and water fed poles. The water – squeegee duo method is widely accepted. In this process, chemicals like phosphate and etching salt are added to water to form a solution. A brush is dipped in this chemical solution, and is used to scrub the glass surface. Squeegee is a spongy substance to absorb water and dirt. In case of chilling weather, anti-freezing chemicals are also dissolved in the solution. It is a precaution to prevent crystallization on the panes. There are window cleaners who have knowledge and experience in this domain. They are aware of the chemical mix and the proportions to be used. Last but not the least, is the water-fed poles method. This method is developed by professionals to clean the window panes with proficient expertise. It is a combination of technology at its best and automation. The process is a complicated one and requires skilled window cleaner.

One of the most essential elements used in this method is de-ionized water. It is a most filtered form of water containing no ions. There are long poles fitted with brush and filtered water jets. The brush will eliminate the debris from the window followed by spraying of de-ionized water jets, to rinse the glass thoroughly. As this water lacks ions, it will attract any solid article present on the window panes. This facilitates the cleaning process. Also, it is a flawless method of cleaning as no marks or water spots will be left on the glasses. There are two forms of window glass: hydrophobic and hydrophilic. Fan jets are used for the former one whereas pencil jets are used in the latter case. This method of window cleaning can be used to clean skyscrapers as well as multistoried buildings. It is considered to be both modern and sophisticated technique worldwide. It requires highly skilled and trained window cleaners.