A Beachfront Desination

Pattaya is located about 62 miles from the south-east of Bangkok and on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand. Pattaya is now being well known as a resort island. Starting out as a fishing village up until the 1960s when the American soldiers discovered its wonderful beachfronts, Pattaya’s fishers’ huts were eventually replaced by resort hotels and retail stores. Currently, Asia’s largest beachfront shopping mall is found at its shores.

Even the costs of living are lower when you get a house there. This means that houses for sale Pattaya are investments that are worth it. Pattaya is divided into three main areas: Pattaya Beach, Naklua, and Jomien. Despite the huge number of water sports available in the area like speed boating, parasailing, and other water activities but tourists flock to the area for the partying.

When you get houses for sale Pattaya everything is just a couple of steps away from dance clubs, cabaret shows, and even nightclubs which should definitely be included in the itinerary of every visitor. There has been a construction boom in the last several years due to many new condominiums as well as houses for sale Pattaya. It is well known for its water sports and for sponsoring sports events and festivals, contributing to the tourism of Pattaya. Now is the perfect time to get a piece of the property yourself.

Pattaya is a place that is imbibed with a rich culture with many historical sites found in the area including the Sanctuary of Truth, a symbolic Thai structure made of wood which was finished in 1981, Wat Yannasangwararam Woramahawihan, a temple built for Somdet Yanasangwon and Mini Siam, a mini village model that represents Thailand’s cultural heritage. There are also some fun activities for the kids. There is a water park called Cartoon Network Amazone where different water slides follow a Cartoon Network theme making this a perfect destination for kids. You will not lose of things to do at Pattaya from all of these theme and amusement parks and historical sites alongside with the plenty sporting opportunities.

Getting houses for sale Pattaya is a worthwhile business venture. The place itself is amazing and it is only becoming better and better. You can easily get your money’s worth buying a house here as real estate prices are only going to skyrocket. Moreover, Pattaya’s climate and the exotic yet easy lifestyle it offers attract many retirees from other countries. There is already a budding community of foreign expats who have retired in Pattaya.