Curtain Cleaning Tips And Tricks

Curtains are gorgeous and they will add just the right touch to your living room, but as much as we love curtains, sometimes knowing how to clean them properly is a mystery. Hiring curtain cleaning Melbourne is a great option. But the tips below might also help us to decipher this mystery.

1. Weekly curtain cleaning

You should vacuum your heavy curtains using a brush attached to your vacuum cleaner but if you have a light fabric curtain an occasional shake is more practical to protect the fabric. When you clean the curtains make sure that you will look into the areas that need more in-depth care like the top of the curtain that will gather a lot of dust. To clean this dust you can use a long handled dusting tool.

2. Wash the curtains

You need to remove all hardware from the curtain before you wash it. Also, make sure that you check the label, but if you are still in doubt try to test the detergent on a corner of the curtain not to ruin it. You will need to wash the curtains in cold water with a small amount of detergent. But if you have a delicate lace and sheer curtain you might want to wash it manually or wash it into the machine inside a mesh bag. Some people wash them into an old pillowcase that is tied tightly to prevent fraying and damage.

3. Drying your curtains

If you want to dry your washable curtains you can put them in the clothes dryer on low speed or you could line dry them. Make sure you remove the curtains from the dryer before they are dry because it will make ironing much easier. The quick ironing before replacing your curtain hardware is all that the curtain needs to look awesome when you put it back.

4. Dry curtain cleaning

If you see the label that reads dry cleaning only, cleaning it other than dry cleaning would be a risk to destroy the curtain. Some of the colors might fade if they are not properly cleaned or the materials might shrink. But if you still decide to clean them at home make sure you will use a mild detergent and the lowest cycle. Also, make sure you will not wash anything else with them so they won’t take the color from the other clothes.

5. Try steam cleaning

Another curtain cleaning method is steam cleaning. Some steam cleaners have some special tools to clean up your curtains. But you must take care that only the machine washable curtains can be cleaned with steam. Steaming will be easier than washing because you don’t have to take the curtains off and put them back on.