Explaining Concrete Cutting

Common grinder power tools can be used to handle simple and small Concrete Cutting jobs, since there are a few diamond cutting blades attachments for these common grinders. But this is just for small house projects and cannot be used for industrial use. Main reason those huge hydraulic type cutting machines were designed and made robust for extensive use and or intense abuse.

Concrete Cutting jobs or tasks are often done or carried by an experienced mason. for the reason being that concrete saw are power tools that are used to cut concrete are pneumatic or hydraulic type power tools that runs on petrol, a few runs on powerful electric motors, but all these run diamond saw blades that could cut even the hardest type of concrete, stone, asphalt and even at times steel (depending on the blade used, if it has an abrasive blade attachment).

One of the reasons you need an experienced personnel to handle the said task is because of the said built of this machine. Imagine that massive motor driving that huge disc that can even cut stone and concrete, you would not want to risk the safety and security of your personnel so does the safety of your equipment. Apart from that, operational knowledge is a must, considering the heat due to friction generated by those cutting blades hitting and or cutting thru those thick concrete, intervals are needed to cool down to prolong or save the blade life and lessen dust accumulated during cutting process. Reason Concrete Cutting is a skill that is paid well.

Why a mason for Concrete Cutting?

Masons are professionals that have years of extensive experience and exposure in concrete and stone works; thus having wide knowledge in such jobs and projects. You would want someone with knowledge in assessing a task prior to performing it. It is but beneficial for your company to have a mason that is knowledgeable in assessing a project or task, and knowledge in operating these machines to avoid downtime and improve productivity. In Concrete Cutting you or the operator should know how to properly cool down the blades while cutting, reason water is used to wet the concrete to help col down the blade or blades, not soften the concrete like the misconception and as how some refer to it.

Concrete Cutting in the field of construction is highly in demand, and should be considered as equally important as any other jobs and profession. Chill out and let the concrete cutting contractor.