A Guide On How To Clean Fly Screens

Cleaning fly screens can seem like a messy, fussy chore to a homeowner. In fact, most homeowners prefer avoiding this task. However, when these screens are dirty they look unattractive. They are also inefficient and they block fresh air from entering your house. Fortunately, you can ensure that your screens serve their purpose effectively by cleaning them properly. You just need to know how to clean them effectively and efficiently. Here are some of the guidelines for cleaning these screens.

Cleaning removable screens

Some of these screens act as coverings for windows and doors that are easy to remove. If you have such fly screens, remove them and set them outdoors to start cleaning them. You can prop the screens up against your outdoor vertical surface. This can be a wall or fence. If you do not have such a surface, lay the screen on a clean and dry surface. Use a garden hose to rinse the screen. Note that pressure can remove debris effectively. However, excess water pressure can stretch the screens or pull edges out of the housing. Use warm water and soap and a bristle, soft brush to scrub the screens. Scrub both sides of the screens and rinse them thoroughly on each side. While the screens are still off the doors or windows, clean the tracks and sills on the windows. A vacuum cleaner is the ideal tool for this job especially one that has a narrow nozzle. You can use a spray bottle and a tooth brush as well as detergent to clean the tracks and sills.

Cleaning fixed screens

Fixed screens are challenging to clean because you do not want to get excess water on the floor and window sills. Therefore, start the process of cleaning fixed fly screen mesh by laying towels or a towel on the window sills and floor inside your home. Go outside to wash and rinse the screens from the outside. Instead of using a hose, use a bucket and a sponge to clean the screens. Repeat the same process to clean the inside part of the screens. You can get good results if you simply wipe the screens on the inside thoroughly using a damp cloth.


You can also hire a professional air compressor from a local shop and use it to clean your screens. There are equipment hire stores that have portable equipment that can be used to clean these screens. A good air compressor will enable you to get rid of all debris and dirt from the screen.

Generally, the process of cleaning these screens is not pleasant for most homeowners. However, if you vacuum the screens regularly and use a brush attachment in loosening the clinging grit, the task of cleaning these screens becomes easier. Alternatively, you can hire experts to clean your screens professionally and save time. There are professional companies that offer cleaning services and these have experts that can clean your fly screens too.