Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is also known as Breast augmentation. This is the term of plastic surgery. It is the method to enlarge the breasts in shape and size.


For the breast augmentation, there are three types of breast implants equipments, they are as below,

  • Surgery by saline implant

This is a solution concentrated with salt water which is called NaCl; its quantity is about 0.90%. The modern model of saline breast implant is made with elastomeric material which are the thick, room temperature vulcanized (RTV) shells.

The special reason of a saline implant technology is physically less intrusive surgical method for placing an empty breast implant material through a small surgical cut. After placing the breast implant machine in the breasts surgeons filled that material with saline solution.

If you compared the results given by silicon gel boob surgery, the saline implant can give best result to your breast size, shape and structure.

But some cosmetic issues can take place in your normal days like wrinkles can be seen on the skin and other types of problems.

For advance technology surgery, there is a same process as that only the difference is that in advance surgeons use prosthetic technologies to enlarge the size of breasts.

  • Silicon gel surgery

It is made up of semi solid gel that sometimes reduces the presence of silicon gel. It implants in the female’s pocket of breasts. It is also a good surgery for the enlargement of breasts.

  • Reconstructed breast

The woman who has implanted their breasts can be able to feed their infants. The breast feeding can become difficult if you have done the surgical treatment of mammoplasty before. Surgeons usually choose breast augmentation procedure and those surgical machines which are not harmful for the mammary glands of breasts, so that she not is having a problem to feed her infant in future or in present, if she has.

But, the woman should concern the plastic surgeon before the breast augmentation surgery that she can feed her child in future, as, doctors can recommend her best.


After surgery, the effects on breasts are good, but you have to bear temporary swollenness and severe pain for some days, as, doctors will give you medicines and chart for daily diet. You have to be careful after surgery and wear dresses which are loose and can prevent you from healing.

The breast surgery is the most demandable surgery by women in this modern era. Nowadays, usually the purpose of breast surgery for the patient is that the patient wants to look smart and attractive or they want a look in them.