Treatments that You Can Expect from a Professional Dental Clinic

There are many things that can have you looking for the services of a dental clinic at odd hours of the day. Common dental emergencies include toothache, getting teeth knocked out, fractured or broken teeth. When you have an emergency, the First Aid that you administer to a person that has been affected goes a long way in determining whether their teeth can be saved or not. Here are some ways in which an emergency dentist deals with tooth emergencies.

Dealing with teeth that have been knocked out

Getting a tooth knocked out can cause a lot of panic especially because it is normally followed by a lot of bleeding. However, if you know about the first Aid steps to follow, you may even be able to salvage the natural tooth. The first thing that you should do is rinsing the mouth in order to get rid of the blood. The next step should be getting the tooth and cleaning it. If there is any tissue attached from the tooth, do not scrub it off. Try and place the tooth back in its socket.

In case you can’t preserve the tooth in milk or salty water ad call a dentist immediately. The dentist will try and reattach the tooth. If it is not possible to reattach the tooth, they will recommend a replacement such as dental implants to replace the missing tooth.

Dealing with a fractured and chipped tooth

A fractured or chipped tooth can be a very painful dental emergency. The first thing to do is rinse the mouth with water that is room temperature because cold water may worsen the pain. The next step should be getting a cold compress on the cheek next to the affected tooth. Painkillers may help alleviate the pain. After the pain has gotten to a manageable level, contact the Dental clinic. The dentist will look at the extent of the damage and decide whether a root canal will be sufficient. For a chipped tooth, getting a crown will be the best restorative procedure. In case a fracture has affected the root, the tooth may have to be extracted.

These are just a few of the common dental emergencies that a reliable emergency dental clinic helps deal with. In order to be assured of excellent dental care in times of emergency, take time and choose your dentist well. Note that as long as you have a reliable person to consult round the clock, your teeth will serve you for a long period of time.