Photo Booths – Fun Photography At Your Wedding

Weddings are one of the biggest events and celebrations, and they should be filled with fun memories. With how much technology and the movement to more custom and DIYed weddings, there is a lot that you can do to have fun photos to look back at in your wedding album. Here are some ideas to have fun with photography to get you started.

  • Photo Booth Hire

Photo booth hire have become one of the most popular activities for a wedding to have. Photo booths can provide hours of fun with their funny props, and all the people who you want to take photos with. They are also a quirky way of documenting the night, especially if you are not having the wedding photographer stay for the whole wedding. Photo booth hire can also be use as an extra wedding favor, as your guests will be able to take their funny photos home with them.

  • Stationery

Having personalized invites have become easy to make and helps your wedding invite stick out from the rest. You can use the engagement photos, or picture of the venue to make the invite stick out. If you are doing to send out thank you cards, you can use the photos from the photo booth to remind people of the event. Many photo booth hire can send you a copy of the photos from the day, if you ask them to.

  • Stickers

If you are looking to remind your guests of the day that your wedding is, you can have stickers with your photos on them, which can be placed on calendars or in planners. You may want to have count down stickers to help them remember.

  • Social Media

Social media is a fun way of documenting your special day, and can lead to extra photos being released that you may have never seen. With social media, you may not need a wedding photographer, or you can only have them for the ceremony. Make sure that you have the hashtag posted and it has not been used in the past. Google has a quick way of checking if a hashtag was used in the past. You can keep these photos online, or you can print them out for a wedding album.

  • Guest Books

Instead of the traditional guest book, ask guest to take photos at the Sydney photo booth hire and add them to the guest book. Many photo booth hires will print extra photos if asked, and can create a wedding album filled with funny photos of friends and family.