A Case For Timber Floor Installation

One of the considerations in building any house is its flooring. Being the most used part, it also often receives the most abuse and heaviest damage. Thus, you have to be meticulous on the kind of materials that you use for it.

A wooden floor is a common feature in many homes. But with the introduction of new flooring types its popularity is challenged or even waning. More and more people prefer to use stone tiles, ceramic tile, carpets, linoleums and other flooring materials as alternatives to these century-old flooring materials for small houses. Most of them believe this material is difficult to maintain.

But for advocates of wood, timber floor installation is a wise investment. This material is packed with benefits that only a few other types can match. Our ancestors have been able to realise them for years, making them a popular feature of old houses.

What are the benefits of providing timber floor installation in your house? Here are a few of them:

Elegant look

You don’t need a designer to get an elegant look out of wood. Wood’s brownish hue never fails to attract the human eye for centuries. It’s different design patterns and textures provide a style that never fades.

Strength and durability

Tiles made of natural stone and ceramic are prone to breaking, cracking and chipping. On the other hand, carpets and linoleum are susceptible to be torn or cut. Wood does not have these problems. They can last for decades. No wonder you can still see many old houses whose timber flooring remains intact.

Insulation property

Timber floors provide excellent insulation to heat. It is often a go-to choice for underfloor heating. Wood can also provide excellent acoustics to our room, just make sure it is properly installed.

More hygienic

Carpets can be a popular breeding ground for bacteria. It also stores dust, dirt, and other materials that can trigger asthma and allergies. Linoleums, on the other hand, are made of synthetic materials that can affect your health while ceramic tiles can be a popular place for mould growth.

Good for long-term investment

The durability and timeless charm of wood make it a good addition to any real estate. Wooden floors give an impression that the house can last, making its value higher. Agents say houses and properties with wooden floors sell better than those with other flooring types.

So if you want a more elegant, durable and valuable house, check timber floor installation Melbourne service, to achieve your dream flooring.