Disney Dress and Theme for your Wedding

A wedding day is the most magical day for everyone. And we know that deep inside, we all dreamed of being a Disney princess. This may be an impossible fantasy when we were young but did you know, wedding designers are now releasing designs that are inspired by your favourite characters? Here are some examples you can really wear.

Ariel’s Inspired Dress

If you love water or underwater activities, this is the perfect dress for you. Be inspired by Ariel and Prince Eric’s extraordinary love story, by using it as your wedding theme. If you want to wear the white classic gown, you can still fulfil your fantasy when you wear this gown for your pre-wedding pictorial. Your wedding photographer will definitely love to put their ideas into your picture.

Elsa’s Gown

While Elsa is happy on her own, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear this during your pre-wedding shoot. Just like Elsa, you can be a strong woman but with a good heart. Make your pictures stunning while you’re wearing this sparkly dress.

Auroras’ Gown

Why not mimic Auroras’ look for your wedding? Just make sure to get enough beauty sleep you needed to be perfectly gorgeous. This pretty pink dress will capture your real life prince charming. I bet he’ll be awake every time with this look.

Embodying your childhood dream is the perfect gift you can give to yourself. Aside from having the chance to spend your life with someone you love. Wanted to make it more perfect? Look for a wedding photographer that can add attitude to your dress.

No matter what your theme or gown is and the location you choose, a reliable photographer can come up with quality photos. They have extensive knowledge about photography so you don’t have to worry about anything. They will make sure that you’ll have the high-quality photos you can show to your grandchildren. That’s why you need to get the best wedding photography service because if you want to relive this special event, photos are the first thing you will look for. Contact them for any inquiries and to learn more about their service.