Ask Potential Display Experts Before Hiring Them

Ask what shades and colours look good in an exhibition stand as the right colour can make your stand look inviting, cheerful and attractive. Colours such as cool blue, moss green or simple white create a look of sophistication and professionalism without overwhelming the insides of the stand.

On the other hand, dark colours such as deep red, deep blue or dark gray create a sombre look which may not look appealing. If you have your own corporate colours, you can use this combination too after ensuring that it merges well with the d├ęcor and general layout. Or else, if your stand is theme-based, you can select colours that reflect the particular theme you are implementing.

Using Images and Text Judiciously

Creating a balance between images and text on stand displays is complicated as both seem equally important. Ask the design expert how to strike a balance between the two so that your stall and signages can convey important information without looking cluttered and confusing.

Making your Exhibition Stand Interactive

Many exhibitors rely on audio-visual features and other interactive inputs to make their space stand out among the crowd. You too can ask an expert stand designer how to incorporate features such as interactive games, quiz, audio-visual projections and product demos and so on in your exhibition stand displays. Your designer will guide you on how to select the best feature for your stand and even advice you on how to maximize its impact.

The basic aim should always be to draw visitor attention and not to see how much information you can stuff on your stand walls. Use the brand name that is easily recognizable to most people.

Signages are important marketing tool to promote your products and services to potential customers. Moreover, stickers and other signages can also be use to announce the presence of an alarm system installed in your home. This will help in preventing intruders entering your home.