Medical Sheepskin As an Effective Cure for Bed Sores

If there is redness, soreness or roughness in a particular skin area then it is a sign of the beginning of a bed sore. If there are open blisters with or without pus then this is also a sign of an upcoming pressure ulcer. If there is particular patch of your skin which is in constant contact with a foreign object then this is a sign that a pressure ulcer will develop in that area.

You will notice that the skin texture of the affected area keeps changing and the temperature of the skin also rises. There may be mild to intense pain which increases if you try to touch that area. If you leave sores and ulcers untreated then the surrounding tissue will wind upto be damaged and cause life threatening skin infections.

What are medical sheepskin products?

There are several medical sheepskin products in the market such as overlays, pressure cushions, slipper boots and pillows. These products are extensively used by hospitals and other healthcare facilities. There are several distinguishing features of medical sheepskins but the primary advantage is its soft and ultra comfortable material. The high quality material prevents the accumulation of heat and friction which further leads to skin healing. In the absence of friction and overt pressure the damaged area begins to heal.

The three way advantage of using medical sheepskin

Medical sheepskins have a woolen base which is perfect for the cure and prevention of bed sores and ulcers. The friction and heat on the skin is reduced because wool is a soft, smooth and porous material.

These sheepskin products can be easily machine washed which fully eliminates bacteria and prevents the reoccurrence of bacterial and fungal infections.

The treatment of bed sores and pressure ulcers is expensive nut. Buying Medical sheep skins car seat covers provide an easy preventive measure. By using these products the infection can be stalled in its early stages.