Signs your Electric Motor Needs to be Replaced

Electric motor is used in almost all the electronic equipment such as refrigerators, washing machines, fuel pumps, electric heaters etc. Being the major control holder of equipment, it also forms the most expensive part of machines. Many times electric motors are responsible for causing problem in electronic machines.

Noise Problem

Should you get weird or loud sounds after switching on the electronic equipment, there are chances of some flaw in the electric motor used in the machinery. Using faulty machinery creating so much of loud noise might cause serious damage to other parts of machinery as well, so it’s very vital to get it replaced on time.

Running Slowly

Improper functioning of electronic equipment should not be tolerated for long. For example in case of refrigerators if they don’t provide sufficient cooling and are not able to keep things fresh, these all are alarming bells asking you to replace the old electric motors used in them.

As electric motors control the functioning of equipment, ignoring small issues might damage the entire equipment. The issue which could get resolved just with the replacement of electric motor will increase to the level of replacement of whole equipment.

Excess Heat

Excess heat created by electric equipment is also a sign that electric motors in the machine are not at par. Excess of heat not only consumes extra power but might turn out to be very risky also. Heat produced by electric motor signifies that the energy withdrawn by it is not getting consumed adequately.