Australian Builder Licenses

The class A builders license is the highest license that can be given to a builder. By the power of this license the builder can construct a building of as much height is needed. There is no restriction on the number of storyes that can be constructed by a class A license holder builder. The body of work the builder is engaged in should correspond to the Building Code of Australia (BCA). However such regulations are modifies from time to time and what is applicable now will not be applicable a few years hence.

Class B Builder

The Class B Builder license is a shade lower in terms of quality and power of a Class A license. The class B license holder can construct a building which has up to three storeys in height. He/she is also entitled to do basic building related work. Neither the Class A nor Class B can attempt specialised sophisticated building work or are equipped to handle asbestos removal.

Class C Builder

The builder who has earned a class C license can do only low rise residential constructions. The building these builders work on should be less than two storeys tall and should be either a class 1 or 10 A building. The Class C builder can also work on other class b structures apart from a swimming pool or a fence or any structure related to asbestos. This type of home builder should be called in only for basic building work.