Sleek and Simple Bathrooms Designs

Demanding work lives and too much of social pressure keeps people on their toes all their time. You have probably noticed how the hours seem to fly away and you barely have any time to yourself anymore. The only time that you can probably let go of yourself is when you are having a good soak in your bathtub. This is when you pamper yourself with soothing bath salts and luxurious lotions. This is also when you relax and reschedule things in your mind.

Homeowners tend to gravitate towards simplicity and natural decor when it comes to designing their living spaces and bathroom. Bathroom fitting and wall units are all designed in a way that they are convenient to clean and can manage the clutter. The reason why most people prefer simplicity in designs nowadays is pretty simple; they want an un-complicated breathing space for themselves.

Create the art-deco look

The 1920 famous art-deco look is back and now comes armed with a palette of gorgeous greys and monotones. The look requires the combination of accentuated cabinetry with bold simple lines of colour, classy door designs and muted shades of hardware. Detailing is done through frosted glass panes, spotless chrome fixtures and silver shaded hardware items; the focus is on creating the look of understated refined glamour.

In-built cabinets and storage systems

Everyone uses a variety of toiletries in their bathroom. As a result there is always a dire need to keep ready cabinets and ample storage space. As part your budget bathroom renovation project go in for in-built wall storages to save on space and money.

For bathroom renovation, you should hire a professional plumber.

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