Gas Fitters vs Plumbers: Know the Difference

The gas of the house is an extremely crucial thing to handle due to reasons that are extremely known to a lot when it comes to disasters. It’s capable of combustion, and with heat/fire near it, or if it’s installed incorrectly, there is a great chance that it can cause a great disaster. There are lots of accidents that happen, and some of its victims even experienced worse than just injuries. Gladly, there are some professionals that can help us when it comes to installing the gas correctly, and even fixing it for the sake of safety.

The help of Brisbane Northside plumbers can be good when getting the gas system installed and fixed at certain times. However, gas fitters are a better choice thanks to their overall capabilities in getting the gas system fixed. There is a comparison between the two professionals, and the following factors will define it further:

Scope of Service

Plumbers install and repair gas pipes in residencies and certain businesses, and not just provide means in installing and repairing pipelines. For advanced tasks, plumbers are known to be more on the water pipelines in the house and other facilities.

On the other hand, gas fitters can install and fix gas pipes as well, but they also handle other pipe installation and repair tasks. They are capable of installing and repairing pipes for other purposes such as letting acids and chemicals flow. They also handle complex matters such as pressuring systems, steam systems, Freon, refrigerators/freezers, and even high pressure systems.


Plumbers are often hired by residents who are planning to get the pipelines fixed. They also provide services to various businesses as well. Almost all facilities need a plumber, but in the case of gas fitters, take note that not all residents and businesses need them. They might be needed for certain purposes only since plumbers can be hired more often when it comes to gas installation. However, there are some residents and businesses who prefer the help of a gas fitter to get their gas systems installed since they are more reliable professionals, and not all plumbers provide gas fitting services.


There are times where a plumber’s price can be lower than a gas fitter. However, with the right techniques to canvass, you will be able to land on a gas fitter that can provide you a lower price. Just check their reviews before hiring them to make sure that they provide a service that’s good, and not just a low priced one.

The following differences of the plumbers and gas fitters are known to be the differences which can help you when hiring them for gas installation and repairs. It’s extremely important to note this because plumbers and gas fitters have different roles in the end.