Gemstones Used for Engagement Rings



The big step every man must take is asking for the woman his love to marry him. Whether if the proposal will be simple and private to something as elaborate and well-planned as seen in various videos uploaded on video streaming websites, engagement rings are necessary in order to make an engagement successful as it is proof that the woman has accepted his proposal and that their wedding is just around the corner. Choosing Engagement Rings Sydney can be fun and can come with several types of gemstones to be used which are usually chosen by the grooms-to-be as something that their brides will enjoy.


Diamonds are one of the most common gemstones used for engagement rings and are valued for its classic beauty. Its classy look, which can also come in different colors such as yellow, red and purple to name a few aside from its default colorless appearance, is backed up by its unrivaled hardness. It can come in different sizes as preferred by the clients and the price is usually proportionate to its size. The most expensive diamond engagement rings usually come with large stones and are usually opted for by celebrities.


Sapphire is another gemstone used for engagement rings and is usually known and adored for its bright blue hue. For its beauty, the sapphire is also a very though material as aside from being featured regularly in jewelry, it is also used as an ingredient in creating bullet-proof glasses made especially for vehicles so it is an assurance that sapphires will not shatter. Often times, sapphire can also come in different colors aside from its trademark blue shades such as pink, yellow and green and can be easily recognized for its facets that are unique in a sapphire.

Cubic Zirconia

While a cubic zirconia is identified as a manmade gemstone, it is still something impressive when being used on an engagement ring. Basically, a cubic zirconia has an appearance that is similar to that of a diamond but is cheaper to acquire which can make it one of the best alternatives to diamond. With cubic zirconia however, it can be made to not only come with just one color but it can also boast with hues in several colors and can be made cleverly to bear three different tones. It can be easily distinguished from a pure diamond based on its cuts, its hardness and its color.