What A Freight Forwarding Company Can Do To Your Business

If you are managing a successful business that you are already trading internationally, then for sure you have met a number of freight forwarders already. So, what are freight forwarders? A freight forwarder is the link between the owner of the cargo and the carrier. They are some kind of agents and they are the way so that the cargo will reach to the owner. In international trading, there will be many instances where you will send deliveries to your clients from other countries and also order goods from other countries as well. If you can see the pathway of the cargo, it would actually look like a cycle in which there are three bases in which the cargo will pass; the sender, the freight forwarder and the owner. That means that without the freight forwarder, it is impossible for the cargo to reach its destination.



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The freight forwarders can indeed help your business in a lot of ways. You see, their responsibilities include the assurance that your cargo will reach to its destination in the same shape when it is handed to them. In a business where you consignments, ordering and delivering is an everyday situation and without the freight forwarder, this can take so much of your time with just the paper work alone. Yes, it is expected that there will be tons of paper work especially that you are dealing with different countries and freight forwarders will be the one to deal with these for their clients. Aside from that, a freight forwarder will also be the one to plan for your shipment so that it will reach its destination as promised. The mode of transport can be by sea or by air.

For more understanding, check out below for their expected functions:

– First is the transhipment. This type of shipment is done through the use of containers. Most of the time, the clients who will order for this type of shipment are those with huge amounts of cargo or bulky cargoes for that matter.

– Then next is, the packing, warehousing and distribution. Here the forwarders will be the one to arrange for these tasks mentioned. The goods will be kept in storage while waiting for the right time for distribution or transportation.

The forwarders here will either use his own warehouse or act as an agent for another warehouse owner.

– They will also be the one to do the paperwork for the insurance of the cargoes. They are also the ones who will process any documentation and clearances from the customs.

– They will also be the one to process the payments of the freight and local taxes.

There are still many other tasks that a forwarder can do for their client. You see, it is not easy to transport goods to other countries. The paper works are insurmountable and can take many days to process. But if you will hire a capable courier, all of these things will be taken care of by them.