Hire an Office Cleaning Service

Your office is like your home because you spend considerable time there. Therefore, treat is just as you would treat your house. Ensure safety and hygiene of your office by using a number of green solutions for office cleaning. Discover the benefits of using natural cleaning agents as opposed to synthetic products.

Keep away toxins

Synthetic cleaners are manufactured from harmful products such as petroleum. Therefore, they contain strong chemicals. When they come to contact with oxygen in the air, they form toxins, which spread in the atmosphere. As you and your employees work in the office, you breathe in these toxins, causing slow but sure buildup in the body.

When people eat in a toxic environment, they ingest the harmful compounds together with food. Green office cleaning not only results in a clean environment, but also reduces the chances of developing harmful conditions such as cancers.

Avoid allergic reactions

Avoid the temptation of buying a cleaning agent just because it looks effective. While it may clean out dirt and stubborn stains, it may leave behind more harm than help. Therefore, look at the label of the product before buying it. If it includes hydroxide or ammonia, do not use it for cleaning.

As most of these chemicals are unregulated, you may not know their efficacy in office cleaning. At the same time, they are not properly tested, so their amount of damage could be high. Using them can cause undesirable conditions such as skin allergy, sneezing and breathing complications.

Keep the environment safe

The use of synthetic products introduces contaminants in the office. While manufacturers recommend you to rinse off the solutions after use, this may not be effective in combating environmental degradation.

After rinsing, you typically pour the pollutant water down the drain. This causes a serious negative effect to plant and animal life in the ecosystem. At all times, avoid pouring the chemical-infested water directly on plants and vegetation.

Avoid corrosion of surfaces

Using unregulated chemicals can affect the integrity of your surfaces. Strong compounds can cause abrasion to wooden floors, grout, and painted surfaces. For this reason, use plant-based products whenever you do office cleaning.

Breathe fresh air

The presence of toxins in the air causes humans and animals to breathe in harmful chemicals. This in turn causes undesirable conditions such as asthma and allergies. However, green products such as vanilla extract bring in a fresh smell into the surroundings. Instead of synthetic fresheners, try dipping cotton balls in the solution and place them in strategic places around the office for a fresh smell.