Hiring Female Strippers

Some female strippers charge based on the number of people expected to attend the show. Never do the mistake of not communicating this in advance. Always let the stripper know about the number of people expected to attend. If there are additional charges, pay them in advance. Don’t take the professional for granted. You should make sure you are not devaluing them in any way.



Some strippers are ok with photographs and signatures on body parts. However, for taking the act forward- by kissing or touching, you might require the stripper’s permission. Never think it’s obvious and do what you want. You should discuss in advance what’s permissible and what’s not. You should also make sure your behaviour doesn’t embarrass someone. If you do want a few more things than the act itself, discuss everything in advance.

The act of stripping

Precautions should also be taken if during the act of stripping. If you are hiring Female strippers for the first time, make sure you know the business and rules of the game in advance. You should know what to expect and what not to do. This is for fun – and you are not expected to take things seriously or do more than what is permissible. You have to be especially careful as you are hiring a female stripper. Don’t let the situation go out of your hands by involving a larger crowd, especially when doing this at home.