Tips on Training Office Staff to Recycle Paper

As a member of the corporate community you have a certain set of responsibilities towards the environment and the society. At a time when the entire world is waking up to the fact that preserving the environment is one of the most important tasks in hand, you have to motivate your staff to think along the same lines. Start with recycling paper and reducing paper supplies consumption in your office as this is one of the important ways you can “go green”.

Take a look at the trash bins

Do you have an idea of what goes inside your trash bins? You need to figure out what exactly are the items which are consumed in the daily office cycle before you sit down to figure out which items will be recycled. If necessary you can have a word with the waste management personnel in your building or get details of the local municipal waste management initiative. Talk to environmentalists and recycling experts about which trash items you can actually recycle. Recycling paper supplies items will help lessen the need for cutting down trees for producing more and more paper. This means that you will be directly contributing to a greener planet.

Great ways of recycling

Set up recycling boxes at frequent intervals in the office. Make sure that the staffs drop anything they consider to be recyclable into those boxes instead of the trash bins. Hand out sheets containing the name of potentially recyclable items to all the office staff and make sure they read them. Implement the usage of green pencils, mechanical writing equipment, refill equipped ball pens etc in the office and explain the importance of using such items. Limit the usage of notebooks and diaries and make sure that every sheet of paper is fully used before it’s thrown into the trash bin.