How to Prepare for Office Removals

Is your businesses is moving to a new office? You need to prepare for moving day. This sounds like a complicated task. How do you even start? First and foremost, you need to find professional interstate removalist a few months before the move out date. There are things, however, that you need to do on your own to make the relocation smooth and stress-free.

• You need to contact your internet service providers about your relocation plan so they can schedule a visit to your office on time. You don’t want any temporary interruption to your business due to broken communication and internet lines.


• Create an inventory of the items you will be moving. Relocation can be a great opportunity to check important furniture and machines like tables, photocopiers, and file cabinets if they need replacement or are still worth keeping. All cabinets should be emptied of contents before the move to minimize damages on breakable and fragile items.

• Talk to your insurance broker regarding the details of your insurance coverage during the move.

• Assign specific tasks to the employees who are helping you during the relocation.

• Inform your business contacts such as customers and suppliers about the move. You need to provide them with the new address when necessary. Do not forget to update your website with your new office address.

• Make sure that all boxes and crates are labeled accordingly. Talk to your removals company regarding guideless related to the move.

• On the day of the move, inspect the old office together with the removals manager to make sure that everything is intact, there are no damages, and nothing is left behind.

Give yourself ample time to prepare for this important event in your company. Relocating the whole business is a little bit more complicated than moving your home. There are more aspects to consider as you will need to follow certain guidelines. A full 3 months would be enough to prepare for office removals. You need to take time to create an effective plan that will make it possible to have a seamless transition from your old office to the new one.

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