The Awesome Benefits of Bamboo Floor

Do not underestimate the durability of the bamboo floor. It is true that bamboo is a grass but the strength of the bamboo is comparable with wood species such as oak and maple. In fact, it has been proven that the bamboo floor is even more durable than its wood counterpart. And since the bamboo is strong and durable, it can accommodate heavy foot traffic and will not change its shape despite heavy foot traffic. Listed below are the awesome benefits of floors that are made from bamboo:

1) The bamboo floor is ecologically friendly- this is renewable resource because the bamboo grass grows at a rapid rate. It will only take an average of five years after planting for the bamboo to be harvested and cut and made into flooring. Timber woods such as oak and maple take an average of twenty years. What’s more, after the bamboo is cut, the bamboo can grow back and again rather quickly. Thus, it is ecologically friendly.

2) The bamboo floor is easy to maintain- you do not need expensive cleaning equipments to maintain the bamboo. You can use ordinary broom to clean. Mopping will also remove stickiness as well remove the sands and dirt particles from the shoes.

3) The floors that are made from bamboo are hypoallergenic. Termites and other allergens do not adhere to the floors, thus, this is the healthier option for sensitive persons.

4) The bamboo floor is easy to install. It will only take few hours to install the floors and can be used immediately. Another plus installation factor is that there are no dusty particles and fumes during the process because the bamboo planks are already pre-finished. Thus, there is no sanding and polishing done at your home.

5) The Bamboo floor Brisbane comes in variety of styles and shades, thus, you can have different looks in every room.

6) Another awesome benefit that can attract you to this kind of flooring is its scratch-free feature because the bamboo floor is coated with seven layers of polyurethane. Plus, it is not prone to termite attacks because the bamboos are treated with boron to avoid infestation.

7) This type of flooring has insulation properties. The floor is very pleasant to walk onto during the hot and also during the cold months, making the floors made from bamboo ideal for both tropical and temperate countries.

Knowing all these, it is time for you to support the bamboo industry and make your homes more elegant with bamboo floors.