How To Prepare Your Home For Installing Digital TV?

Digital TV made its debut in Australia in the year 2001 and by the end of this year the authorities plan to complete the transition from analogue to digital for the entire country; including remote areas and islands. Almost ninety percent Australians have already made the transition and its time you took the right decision too. Or else, you might be missing out on your favourite programme in a few months’ time altogether as the analogue signal will be switched off. Preparing for digital antenna installation is not difficult if you have a little prior information.

TV Broadcast in Australia at Present

Presently, broadcasters are legally bound to transmit both analogue and digital formats till the analogue format is finally taken off air. Digital format is transmitted both in Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) mode. Eventually, digital free-to-air broadcast will replace all analogue transmission across Australia.

Watching Digital TV on your Old Set

Enjoying digital TV does not mean dumping your old TV set and investing in a new digital TV. Suitable converters can be used effectively to view digital channels on your old TV set; even if it is an analogue model predating 1998. However, a good signal on an analogue TV does not guarantee the same standard for digital transmission. You must always contact professional digital antenna installation services in before making any change to come and check the strength of signal with a temporary set top box. They will then advise you on how to get the best transmission within your existing set up.

Buy an HD TV

If budget permits, the best way to watch digital television is investing in an integrated digital TV with HD tuner. Such a set is capable of transmitting all channels without any additional gadget such as a set top box.