Glasswashers Used in the Food Industry

A pull down dishwasher or a pull down hood dishwasher is ideal for an establishment which has to serve more than 250 meals per day. This type of glass washer can wash more than 80 dishes per hour. You can use this glass washer in an environment which has dishtables which can pass the cutlery through fast. Most good models will have a door safety switch that will auto stop the entire washing cycle once the door is pulled open.

While buying this kind of glass washer you must try and find out a model which can accommodate all types of glassware contained in your kitchen. This catering equipment is useful for events like birthdays, corporate party and even wedding parties! That is why all of the caterers have them.

Use the conveyor dishwasher

Conveyor dishwashers are meant for usage in some of the biggest restaurants and enterprises in the country. This kind of commercial glass washers will have a system where dish warehousing racks will be rotated in a cyclical motion on a chain conveyor. There can be multiple tanks on a conveyor for washing, rinsing and sanitising.

Up to 400 racks can be thoroughly washed and sanitised in one hour through this dishwasher. If the enterprise you work in has to serve about 1000 or more meals per day then you need to invest in a conveyor dish washer. You can programme your dishwasher to work from left to right or from right to left.

A health issue that may be caused due to excessive bacterial decomposition in the kitchen includes respiratory trouble, indigestion, headaches and skin rashes. So in order to keep the environment healthy you should purchase a glasswasher that cleans and sanitises your glass ware in a short span of time.

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