What to Consider When Shipping Fragile Goods to Australia

You might have gone for a vacation to a different country and would be excited to ship your most valuable shopped items to Sydney or any other part of Australia. At the same time you might even be a little scared as your goods are delicate and have to be shipped very carefully after a good outer packing which will protect the goods. So, before you plan on shipping your fragile goods go through a few tips on the things you will have to consider.

Wrap the item well

Your fragile items should be packed with extra care to avoid any kind of damage, even if it falls from a distance of around one meter. Using various materials like bubble wrap, foam sheets, newspaper and tissue papers will prevent any kind of breakage of these goods. You could also use padded bags easily available in any Australian retail store to give a cushion effect to your fragile items.

Strong outer cover

Always ensure before shipping that your fragile item is enclosed within a strong outer cover, which can be a packing box or a corrugated container of a good quality. The outer packaging should be strong enough not to break open due to the weight of the item. As damaged items cannot be reclaimed it is always better to take precautions.

Seal the package

Only providing a cushion package and a strong outer cover is not sufficient for a fragile item. As the goods will be manually loaded into the ship and may be moved from one place to another there are chances of the package opening up, causing the goods to break. This scenario can be avoided by sealing the package using a tape or a plastic from top to bottom or any open edges which may be seen.

For a hassle-free booking, use a freight management system for your shipping company as this will simplify the process for your consumers.