Make a Difference with Diploma of Community Services Work

If you want to make an impact on the lives of other people, then the right course for you is the diploma of community services work. Your job is to help the community achieve a better life. The students must be interested to devote time helping the community become self-reliant and more productive members of the society.

The course description of diploma of community services work

If you graduate from this course, it will be your task to teach the community vital skills for a brighter future. You will also give counseling or act as a counselor or psychologist to the community. This is because the course will train you to have substantial knowledge in the field of sociology and psychology. The course also tackles human rights law. This is the perfect course for students who prefer to work in a community by providing them social services.

What the students will learn from diploma of community services work

The students will learn how to relate to the community. The students will learn how to make case studies, how to become successful in advocacy, and how to provide valuable counseling tips to people across ages and sex. The students will learn how to empower the members of the community in order to find solutions to their existing problems.

Work opportunities for students with diploma of community services work

Generally, the students are required to finish a four hundred hour of supervised volunteer work in a community. After completing the course, the students can find employment in the area of child welfare and protection, services for the disabled persons, services for the youth such as counseling for those who suffer from drug and alcohol abuse. The diploma of community services work also qualifies the students to give counsel to the youth who come from a broken family. The students can also work by providing health services to the community.

Course details

The students who wish to enroll on a part-time basis can finish the course in four years, while those who will study on a full-time basis can gain the diploma of community services work in two years time. Those who may have some financial difficulties can get help from vet fee help by studying now and pay later basis.

This diploma course will benefit the community as the graduates will help them with their social issues such as providing counseling in order to have a brighter future.