The Risks You Take With Unlicensed Plumbers

A lot of homeowners think that plumbing services are easy and can be done by just anybody. If you think the same way, I say you are very wrong there. Yes, there are plumbing services that look simple but even that at times has underlying reasons and might not be simple after all. Unless you hire the right person which is a licensed plumber, you can never know the real thing. Have you ever experienced wherein no matter how much you follow some tips suggested online to solve plumbing issues and yet the problem still persists? Well, it could be because there is an underlying reason for such problem and the one suggested by the internet is not applicable for it anymore. Yes, that is right and if you will have not have it repaired with away, you might end up spending for more than what you should have spent only.


Below are some possible effects when you will hire an unlicensed plumber instead:

– Because they are not licensed not insured, and not even bonded, what will happen is, you will not be contented with their work or they have not entirely solved the problem like after just a week maybe, the problem happens again.

– There is even a chance when you already give a certain amount as down payment and yet no one shows up on your agreed date. But then again, to whom will you complain when he is not licensed and you are well aware of it? You only have yourself to blame.

– Another scenario is when the plumber will get hurt in your place and he will sue you if you will not shoulder the expenses. Yes, he can do that for you are the reason he is injured in the first place and he is not with any insurance.

Indeed there are lots of risks involved in hiring just any aspiring plumbers and if you are after the quality of work, you must not do this. Yes, licensed plumbers are more expensive but that is just right being they have made sure that they come prepared with all the needed things for them to work legally. Not only that, they have also equipped themselves with the right knowledge so that they can tackle any kind of plumbing issues. You see, it is not that easy to acquire license in whatever skill because you have to keep up with their required standards.

It also means that when you are hiring plumbers that are not licensed, then he is not qualified, he is not experienced in the right way and you don’t expect him to be knowledgeable in all aspects about plumbing. So, how can such a person give permanent solution to your plumbing concerns? You will just be wasting your money then and your time. That is why, it is okay to spend more if it will be well compensated since your issues will be permanently taken care of.

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