Selecting the Right Colour for your Living Room and Dining Room

Selecting the right shade of paint for your living room and dining room can be your most ambitious interior decoration project yet. This is not surprising as there are myriads of shades to choose from and you can’t really undo the work once it’s over and you don’t like the final look. A few pointers can guide you in the right direction so that no matter what paint colours you select, the final effect will always be comforting; stylish and blend harmoniously with the décor.

The Décor

Next thing to note would be the décor. You have options in case you haven’t yet purchased the furniture and furnishings but if you already have them, then the paint on the walls has to blend harmoniously with the look they create. On the other hand, keeping your upholstered furniture hygienic is easy through dry cleaning.

Often contrasting shades look great such as neutrals on the walls dramatically enhance the look of rich; dark shaded furniture and furnishings. Similarly, if you have rich mocha on the walls, opt of wood shades and furnishings in lighter tones. Or maybe you can create a colour based theme and have different shades of the same colour on your walls and for the furnishings.

A Few Popular Options

The shades on your living room and dining room walls must make the areas look cheerful and inviting. A few popular shade options for the living room include cream, canary yellow, orange or red. The colours on your dining room walls should make the guests feel welcome and create the right ambience for enjoyable socializing and dining. Spicy reds, mocha brown, sage green or golden yellows look great on dining room walls.

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