Tips to Effectively Clean Microfibre Towels

Microfiber towels are revolutionary and environmental friendly. Their popularity stems from the fact that they are very thin and lightweight while being highly absorbent. In industrial terms, the unit of ‘denier’ is use to measure the thickness of a fibre and microfibers are so fine that nine thousand metres of this fibre material weighs only a gram!

Their fineness is the also the reason behind their soft feel and this is why microfibers are used for making kids poncho beach towels as they do not rub against the skin and can be easily used to wipe off a child’s soft skin. Let your children experience the comfort of kids poncho beach towels.

Sort carefully

While it’s easy to dump the whole of your dirty laundry into one load, when it comes to microfiber towels you need to be more careful. The nature of the fibres is such that it will attract dust, hair, lint, and other such particles to itself. Which is why it is recommended that you wash the microfiber clothes separately and only by themselves. Or else, you run the risk of seeing your microfiber towels come out even more soiled than before after the laundry cycle.

Pre-treat the towels

If you have stains on your towels, you may want to use a gentle stain remover to clean out the stains before you out the towels in the wash. Many times, the washing cycle is not enough to remove the stains.

Especially with clothes that tend to get dirty quickly, like your kids poncho beach towels for instance, you need to add this pre-treatment process for added effect. Sometimes, if the stain is too deeply ingrained into the fabric, you may need to let the stain remover work for a while before you wash the cloth. Also, it is a good idea to clean the towels by rinsing them under water as soon as they get stained.