Signs That Indicate Your Car Battery Is About to Die

Imagine that you have set out for the long haul, and then along the way, your car battery stops suddenly and renders your attempt at restarting it futile by refusing to respond. A couple more efforts, and you confirm that the battery has gone bad for sure. This scenario holds true for a car battery that has gone weak or is about to die. Suffice to say the battery is the heart of your car, the lynchpin around which its movement revolves at any point in time. It could make or mar you. With this in mind, here are some signs that will tell you your car battery is running on its last life before the inevitable happens.

• When the battery takes long to start. This is one of the major signs to watch out for as a car owner. While it is quite normal for your car battery to take longer to start when it hasn’t been used for some time owing to the amount of time it has been kept idle, it must be pointed out that most often than not, it tends to mark the beginning of a battery that is on its last acids.

• When your lights begin to dim. Since the car battery is what makes the electrical parts of the vehicle function, a reduction in its efficiency will have an effect on the dependent parts as well. When the lights go dim, what it signals is that your car battery isn’t properly charged. The headlights of your car will provide you a hint with which to stay ahead of a dying battery long before it gets to the point where it embarrasses you right in front of your friends or colleagues.

• When your vehicle refuses to start altogether. Well, it doesn’t get worse than that. A car refusing to start is a sign of a loose or broken terminal, or even worse, there is something else that is draining the car battery power. In such circumstances, it is advisable to take it to a trusted mechanic to have him/her check it out before disappointments quickly turn into embarrassments, especially if it was discovered that there aren’t any problems with the cables plugged to the battery of the car. Because its means that there is another culprit which you have yet to identify responsible for the battery drain.

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