What to Look for in a Carpet Cleaning Machine

Many homeowners are used to hire the services of a professional vacuum cleaner to ensure the cleanliness of their carpet. However, it is advisable that you buy your own cleaner to handle your carpet cleaning for many reasons. Some of these reasons include, among others is that you can use the machine at your convenience; at your own time. Another reason is the fact that accidental spills can unexpectedly happen which you are sure to handle if you have your own machine. Another reason is that you will save money. With your own machine, you can save a lot, which a professional would have charged. Before you buy your own machine, check the following:

Cleaning performance:

What makes a machine’s performance effective in cleaning is the agitation and suction. A good carpet cleaner is expected to have two more brushes for lifting embedded dirt. Machines that are best in performance have perfect cleaning and dying capability which is what you should be looking for in performance. Ability to deal with and kills germs and bacteria using the hot water system is the perfect feature to observe.


In this, there are two types, the heavy type and the light weight. The light ones are usually the best since they make it easy for you to use. When buying a machine the most important this here is size and weight. A heavier machine will accommodate large tank of water which will make you work without stopping for a refill. The design of your machine is what will determine how effective your carpet cleaning will be done. Note that lighter machines have few extras, so there is often a trade-off in weight and features.


Tools and accessories enable you to remove stubborn stains and clean places that are hard to reach. The best carpet cleaning machines have hand powered cleaning tools with rotating brushes. It’s always advisable to look for Perth carpet cleaning with on-board tools so that one does not have to bend to reach them.

Help and support:

Most commercial cleaners give a one year warranty, while others give up to a three year warranty. The three year warranty is the best since they guarantee your machine in case it has any technical problem. Most of the manufacturers or companies will also give together with their warranty, telephone numbers, email address among other contacts. This makes it easy for you to communicate to them in case you need any council as it pertains to the using of your machine.