Why Should You Choose Shutters over Blinds or Curtains

Are you confused on what to use as window covers? Shutters, blinds or curtains?

Shutters are providing a stylish and modish alternative to curtains and blinds. They are proven to be a cost-effective way of entirely updating the feel and look of a particular room. They also pose a more hygienic aura since they do not absorb dust compared to blinds or curtains.

Shutters are also offering a customer a great deal of flexibility. For example, you can have different panel designs, different slat sizes and different colors. You have more control on how much light comes into the room. When you use shutters, there’s comparatively little light control flexibility.

In addition, shutters can save you money since they are giving further insulation, which is very attractive in this cash-strapped generation. They last longer periods of time and more durable.

Shutters: Different styles

Basically, there are three types of shutters – café, plantation and solid style.

Most customers choose plantation style. They have slats, which are also known as louvers, rotating open and close to control light entering the room.

Café style shutters are more famous in cafes and restaurants, hence the name. The shutters just typically cover the bottom half of the window.

Solid shutters are more perfect for those who want to have a room look more traditional. They are designed to be folded back when it’s daytime and closed during nighttime.

There are also shutters that are referred to as tier-on-tier shutters. With this style, there are two sets of shutters; one is above over the other. You can open every set separately, giving you more light control and flexibility. Tier-on-tier is more suitable for larger bay windows.

Shutters: What style suits a particular type of window?

Plantation shutters can be used in a creative manner. You can be creative with the rods, design, as well as the color and these are suitable to most known spaces.

Solid shutters are primarily utilized in Victorian and styles that are older. They provide definitive privacy and keep control of the light. This is suitable for a room that has a minimal and simple decoration. These shutters work perfectly in country cottages.

Shutters: Are they stable?

Shutters are very stable as cover for windows. One of the many advantages of getting shutters, wooden shutters specifically is its security. The wood is very durable. It also avoids prying eyes not see what’s inside the room.

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